SALMTEC’s ABWRET-A Training Course

SALMTEC’s ABWRET-A Training Course - Few Spaces Remain!

Alberta Wetland Rapid Evaluation Tool is a standardized method for assessing  the important natural functions of all types of wetlands present in Alberta.  Use of this method is a requirement through the Government of Alberta's Wetland Policy where Water Act approval is sought and wetlands will be permanently impacted. A strong understanding of this tool is required at three sign-off points in the Water Act approval process for wetlands, at the pre-disturbance stage, at the wetland restoration design stage and at the final verification stage. This course provides an in-depth understanding of the concepts used in ABWRET, as well as hands on training for completing the ABWRET forms and understanding the Excel® spreadsheet  (ABWRET-A tool).

SALMTEC is pleased to present our new course format, which includes online training modules instructed by Dr. Paul Adamus, the creator of ABWRET, AND a one-day field training component, led by Dr. Paul Adamus.  Visit for more details.

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