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Terrain showcases and celebrates the voices, ideas, and projects in landscape architecture across Alberta. Known for its diverse contributors, dynamic stories, and graphic quality, the magazine shares different perspectives, and encourages thoughtful dialogue. 


The vision for Terrain is focused on personal, thought-provoking, and playful content: 

  • Personal: storytelling, representing lots of voices/groups 
  • Thought-provoking: forward-thinking, progressive, sophisticated 
  • Playful: energetic, inspiring, dynamic 

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The AALA is pleased to present Terrain (2023), the first re-imagined edition of the AALA magazine. Previously known as The Annual, the new vision for Terrain is to showcase and celebrate the voices, ideas, and projects in landscape architecture across Alberta. Click here to start reading the full digital issue. 

In this year's edition, called FORWARD, we explore how landscape architecture is innovating, progressing, and growing in Alberta. Read articles on:

      - Risk and Adventure in Landscape Architecture: Testing our Limits to Innovate
      - From Transaction to Relation: Introducing Indigenous Methodologies into Practice
      - The Automated Landscape (Student Spotlight)

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Terrain (2024) Call For Submissions

Terrain Magazine - Call For Submissions 2024 | AALA


For Terrain Advertising Opportunities, please contact Angela McDougall, Naylor Project Manager at amcdougall@naylor.com or 204-975-3625.


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