Alberta Association of Landscape Architects LAT Scholarship– Fall

Value: $1500.00
Number of Awards: 1
Criteria: Available to a second year student enrolled in the Landscape Architectural Technology program. The award will be granted on the basis of academic achievement.
Spec. Instruction: No application required. Program selects recipient in the Fall.

Alberta Association of Landscape Architects Landscape Architects Scholarship - BLA/MLA Scholarship

Completed applications can be emailed to as a PDF(s) by September 1.

The AALA is pleased to offer an annual $3,500 Scholarship to an Alberta Resident that is attending any Accredited BLA/MLA Program.

Student may apply after the conclusion of the most recent academic year, and applications shall include in (PDF format):

  • Application Letter;
  • Proof of Permanent Residence in Alberta (Drivers License, Alberta Health Card, Alberta High School Transcript, etc.);
  • Grades from most recent academic year (unofficial transcripts are acceptable); and
  • 3-5 Samples of work from that academic year in PDF.

Points shall be awarded thus:

  • 25 points - Proof of Residence
  • 25 points - AALA Member in Good Standing
  • 25 points - Portfolio
  • 10 points - School Location:
    • North America (10 Points)
    • International (5 Points)
  • 10 points - Transcripts
    • Applicants will be ranked highest to lowest
    • Maximum points shall be given to highest GPA and then reducing 1 point as you proceed down the pile, equal GPA’s shall receive equal points and numbers shall be skipped (see Sample B)
  • This annual award is to be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Association by the President of the AALA;
  • Award recipients may be full, associate, landscape technologist or honorary members of the AALA;
  • The award recipient is to be selected by majority vote by the AALA Board of Directors. At their discretion, the AALA Board of Directors may request the membership to nominate award recipients.


Project: Fort Edmonton Footbridge and Staircase
Location: Edmonton, AB
Completed: 2009
Firm: EDA Collaborative Inc.
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