Applications & Fees

Contact the AALA office for general information. 

If you have already submitted a membership application, contact us with questions about the process.

Individual Member Application - How To Apply?

Register for AALA membership online.

  1. Creating an account for use on the AALA website.
  2. When you've completed that step, you can apply to join the AALA.

After you've completed your application, it will be reviewed by the registration committee.

Member Application Checklists:

These are minimum requirements - other documentation may be requested - see Membership Policy

Full Member Checklist - Reciprocity from BCSLA/OALA

  • 1 Letter of Endorsement from a CSLA/AALA Member
  • Letter of Good Standing from BCSLA / OALA
  • CV/Resume

Full Member Checklist - Reciprocity from Other Provinces

  • 2 Letters of Endorsement from CSLA/AALA Members
  • Letter of Good Standing other Provincial Organization
  • Degree/Diploma & Transcript
  • LARE Results
  • CV/Resume

Associate Member

Initial Admission Checklist (Step 1)

  • Degree/Diploma & Original Transcript
  • CV/Resume

Associate Programs Checklist (Step 2)

  • Accredited Degrees (Internship)
    • Completed Advisor & Supervisor Forms
  • Non-accredited Degrees
    • Completed Advisor Form
    • Competency Tool
    • Portfolio

LAT Member Checklist

  • Diploma & Transcript
  • 2 Letters of Endorsement (1 AALA Member, 1 LAT Member)
  • CV/Resume

Student Checklist

  • Photo of Valid Student ID
  • Proof of Enrollment (Confirmation of Enrollment or Current Class Schedule)

Membership Fees 


Please sign into your member account to pay your renewal fees. The ‘Pay Fees’ link will appear in the members' only menu at the top of the site. This option is available for membership renewals. 

Membership FIRM Application

Please complete the current Firms Registration Form and submit to the AALA Office at

Project: The Bow - Sky Gardens
Location: Calgary, AB
Completed: 2013
Firm: Carson McCulloch Associates Ltd.
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