Continuing Education Program

Professional development through continuing education ensures that members are well equipped to meet their professional obligations to clients, the public and the profession at large, while remaining current with contemporary technology and industry practices.

The AALA currently has a mandatory Continuous Education Program (CEP) which requires members to track their professional development.  Basic requirements of the CEP are:

  • Members are required to accumulate an average of 10 Professional Development Units (PDUs) per year on a 3-year rolling average.
  • 1 PDU = approximately 3 hours of educational, professional or volunteer activity
  • Members must submit their logs in order to pay annual dues.

The Practice Review Committee's CEP Sub-committee oversees the CEP - Terms of Reference .

The current Continuing Education information Schedule is available to members -

Project: Alexandria Park Playground
Location: Currie Barracks, Calgary
Completed: September 2015
Firm: IBI Group & Design Workshop
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