AALA Fee Guide - Beta Version

AALA-Fee-Guide-2021-(BETA)-1.jpgAALA Fee Guide

Based on Data Collected Summer 2017

AALA Fee Guide 2021 (BETA).pdf


This Fee Guide is intended to be used by practising registered Landscape Architects and prospective clients when determining and evaluating professional compensation for services rendered by registered Landscape Architects practising in the Province of Alberta. It includes a schedule of fees which reflects the range of compensation required to meet standards of practice as set by the AALA. Compensation is understood to include reasonable profit and costs borne by professionals to keep their knowledge up-to-date through mandatory continuing education, research, and professional development.

Fees are ultimately a matter of negotiation between the client and the Landscape Architect. The AALA does not prescribe fees, charges, or rates - this document serves as an industry scan of practice at the time of data collection during the Summer of 2017. 

Selection of a Landscape Architect for a particular project is based on a prospective client’s understanding of the range of services offered and the Landscape Architect’s level of experience, both of which can vary significantly from firm to firm, and from individual to individual.

The AALA Fee Guideline is part of an integrated information and standards service for the public and the profession of landscape architecture. References to fees indicate typical minimum conditions for professional standards of practice, subject to change depending upon project conditions and legal standards. Please confirm all terms and conditions in writing with your Landscape Architect.

The AALA will review this document periodically, and invite readers to contact the association with any comments questions, and/or considerations.

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