Edmonton - Urban Planning and Economy Report UPE01925 - Trees on Public and Private Property

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The Zoning Bylaw Team is circulating a draft of the Urban Planning and Economy Report UPE01925 - Trees on Public and Private Property for your feedback. This report is scheduled to be presented to Urban Planning Committee on September 17, 2024.


UPE01925 Circulation Draft Report - Trees on Public and Private Property.pdf

UPE01925 Circulation Draft Attachment 1 - Current Programs, Projects, and Initiatives.pdf

UPE01925 Circulation Draft Attachment 2 - Opportunities for Future Work.pdf


This report has been prepared in response to the following motions passed by Council:

At the May 16, 2023, City Council Meeting, the following motion was passed:

That Administration provide a report outlining the roadmap of current programs, projects and initiatives to support the planting (expansion), maintenance and retention of trees on public and private property including data collection, ongoing monitoring and reporting.

At the October 23, 2023 City Council Public Hearing, the following motion was passed: 

That Administration, as part of City Operations report CO01925, Trees on Public and Private Property, explore opportunities on private land to continue the advancement of achieving the City’s tree canopy goals, including and not limited to enhanced tree retention incentivization in Charter Bylaw 20001. 


This report provides a full picture of what the City is currently doing to support the planting, maintenance, and retention of trees on public and private property in alignment with The City Plan’s goal of planting two million trees and canopy coverage targets set by the Urban Forest Asset Management Plan. The report will also present opportunities for future work on public and private lands that could be explored by Administration if directed by City Council, including but not limited to enhanced Zoning Bylaw incentives to retain trees on private property.


How to Provide Your Feedback

We invite you to review the draft report and draft attachments and provide feedback to darbi.kinnee@edmonton.ca by the end of the day on Tuesday, July 9.


How Your Feedback Will be Used

Feedback may be used to refine Administration’s report and recommendations. A summary of feedback will be included in the final Urban Planning Committee report.

Level of Engagement: ADVISE which means the public is consulted by the City to share feedback and perspectives that are considered for projects. 


Have Questions?

If you have any questions related to this circulation, please contact Darbi Kinnee at darbi.kinnee@edmonton.ca or 780-423-7419.


Note: City Council and Committee meeting dates may be subject to change. See the Agenda and Meetings Calendar for the most up-to-date information.


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