Notarius Digital Seal/Signature Info Webinars - May 9th and June 6th, 2024


Notarius Digital Seal/Signature Informative Webinars
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AALA - Webinar: Exploring Professional Digital Signatures and Document Reliability - 1H CPD
May 9, 2024 12:00 PM MDT

Join us for an informative webinar where AALA members will learn more about the professional digital signatures.
Our session will focus on the practical aspects of the digital signature policy, which is designed to ensure document reliability.
  • Attendees will gain insights into the essential components of electronic document reliability.
  • We'll explore various e-signature solutions and discuss their reliability levels.
  • Learn about the importance of the digital seal policy in maintaining standards and public safety.
Additionally, we'll provide a live demonstration of the digital signature services.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to understand how to maintain document integrity and reliability.
The session will be recorded for future reference and shared with participants.
AALA - Webinar - Hands on Training on the Digital Signature Software Tool - 1H CPD
Jun 6, 2024 12:00 PM MDT

One of the key challenges of a successful digital transformation is the ability to manage the workflow of documents and understand how the technology and standards function. This training session is designed for AALA members who already have a digital signature, or who are considering adopting this method of electronic document authentication. 

In this hands-on training, attendees will be introduced to many of the unique features of ConsignO Desktop PDF signing tool included in the AALA digital signature solution.  Features such as PDF/A conversion, custom signature appearances, template creation, batch signing, adding native file formats as attachments in a digitally signed PDF etc.
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