Garage Murals Tour

November 27, 2021 - November 27, 2021

Join us to tour the liminal space between public and private realm. We're talking about public art on (private) garage doors.

About this event

We can paint a garage door, it's private space. Painting or personalizing the public realm, however, becomes more complex.

If done right, the public realm involves deeply engaging with numerous members of the community representing differing viewpoints. We're taking stock of the social cohesion and wellbeing that may result from this small move. What's to be said, then, about the addition of "public art" to the private realm? Or rather, is it the addition of private art to the public realm...?

Join us for a tour of garage art movement in Sunnyside, with community organizers Gerald Wheatly, Christie Page Stayner, and artist John Ross. We'll hear about the progression of the movement, about a variety of private/public murals painted by residents and professional artists. We'll explore the various ways a neighbourhood can change when private art blurs into the visibility of the public domain.

This is an online tour and will be free and open to the public. We're cooking up a surprise invitation for d.talks Individual Members as part of this tour. Stay tuned!

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