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Management Plan Development - Saskatoon Mountain Provincla Recreation Plan

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Request for Proposal

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11:06:55 AM Alberta Time

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02:00:59 PM Alberta Time

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11:06:55 AM Alberta Time

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Open & Competitive

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E199D: Environmental Services
D302AAI: Informatics, Professional and Consulting Services - Network Planning, Design, Implementation, Management, Etc.
R199F: Administrative Management and Planning Services

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Response Submission:

Alberta Environment and Parks
Parks Division
Room 1301, Provincial Building, Courier Box 18
10320 – 99th Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 6J4

Attention: Mark Townsend
RFP Number: 19TDRPNW803
Closing Date & Time: June 7, 2018 at 14:00:59 Alberta Time

Response Contact:

Townsend, mark
Contracting Manager
Room 1301, Provincial Building
10320 - 99 Street
Grande Prairie, Alberta T8V 6J4
Tel: (780)538-8015
Fax: (780)538-5617
Email: mark.townsend@gov.ab.ca

Response Specifics:

Proposals must be delivered to the response submission address above in a sealed, self-addressed package clearly marked with the RFP's number and Closing Date and Time.

Opportunity Description:


The highest feature on the landscape approximately 30 km west of Grande Prairie, Saskatoon Mountain is an island of foothills forest surrounded by agricultural land. Saskatoon Mountain itself rises over 150 metres above the surrounding landscape with a steep drop to the south and west with a more gradual slope on the north side. Special features include the site of the oldest known human occupation in northern Alberta, an island of northern foothills forest and the remains of a major radar base that was part of the early warning Pinetree Line. 

The Saskatoon Mountain Provincial Recreation Area (PRA) encompasses approximately 900 hectares and protects a fascinating diversity of plants and animals many of which are not common in the Grande Prairie area. The PRA also includes a network of trails and is very popular with local residents for walking, biking, cross-country skiing and motorized off highway vehicle use. 

In March 2018, the Saskatoon Mountain Natural Area was reclassified as the Saskatoon Mountain Provincial Recreation Area by Order in Council. In collaboration with Parks Division staff, the Province requires the services of a Contractor to conduct the necessary stakeholder engagement and develop a draft management plan as described in Appendix B.

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