March 22, 2018 - March 22, 2018
University of Calgary - Room PF 2160
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2nd Annual Faculty of Environmental Design Research Conference

In a globalized world, issues like sustainability, resilience, vibrancy, livability, urban sprawl, public spaces and resource constraints are becoming increasingly commonplace. The focus on improving the quality of the spaces in which we live and interact in is becoming of vital importance. These issues were the focus of the 1st Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) Research Conference held on March 30 2017. The conference is an ongoing opportunity for graduate students, faculty and alumni to highlight and showcase current and innovative research being done in the interdisciplinary field of environmental design. It also provides a unique platform to cultivate collaborations and partnerships with industry experts. This initiative will provide a forum for participants to present and share their research and network with the wider student body, faculty and alumni. Students at their first year of study with general ideas, students in the middle of their research, or those completing their theses, will all benefit in different ways from sharing their ideas and getting feedback from attendees. After the success of the first event and the positive feedback and survey responses received from attendees and participants, the Faculty is planning to hold this event annually.

The 2nd Annual Faculty of Environmental Design Research Conference will take place on March 22, 2018, and will continue to address design issues for a sustainable environment. This year’s conference will expand on the previous event with (1) a panel discussion about interdisciplinary methods of Environmental Design research which will be composed of Faculty members; and (2) the inclusion of a keynote speaker who can later also provide an outside perspective on the student oral presentation sessions. The conference will comprise approximately 15 paper presentations, approximately 20 posters and 6 PechaKucha presentations. There will be 2 moderators (one per session) from local industry with 1 commentator from inside EVDS for the Panel discussion on Research Methods.

Anticipated outcomes

  • Highlight and showcase the Interdisciplinary research in the domain of environmental design in contrast to most conferences which care to specific fields/disciplines of research.
  • Improve the relationships and connections between the current students, faculty and alumni, and industry professionals thus enriching the quality and breadth of learning through providing a broader student experience
  • Provide an opportunity for students to get feedback from professionals in their own and in other fields.
  • Provide a comfortable platform through which the students can gain experience and confidence in participating and presenting their work, preparing them for national and international conferences, where they will disseminate their research as representatives of the University.

These outcomes will be made evident through the performance of the students who are involved, and the feedback gathered after the conference, similar to the previous year. A survey will be sent again this year to all attendees and participants after the conference with specific questions about their experience and asking for their ideas and suggestions for further improvements.



Moderator: Barry Wylant, Associate Dean, Research, EVDS


Enrica Dall'Ara, Assistant Professor, EVDS

Brian Sinclair, Professor, EVDS

Sheelagh Carpendale, Professor, Computer Science

12:00pm - 1:00pm Session 1: DEVELOPMENT STRATEGIES 

Insia Hassonjee (MEDes), Hybrid Ethnicity in the Urban Built Environment

Corey Cooper (MPlan), Building Homes: Partnerships for Affordable Rental Housing

Rylan Graham (PhD), Growth Management Strategies in the Mid-Sized Canadian City


1:00pm - 1:30pm LUNCH PROVIDED


1:30pm - 3:00pm Session 2: URBAN/SPATIAL EXPERIENCE

Ana Hidalgo (PhD), Streets for Mental Health: an Interdisciplinary Approach to Restorative Urban Design

Angela Rout (PhD, CMD), Analyzing Spatial Data to Evaluate Relationships Between Health and the Built Environment

Jon Weller (PhD), Mapping Cultural Landscapes

Jeannette Burman (MEDes), Understanding a Phenomenology of Campus Radio Landscapes



Alex Wilkinson (PhD), Food-Water-Energy Nexus Meta-Analysis

Arturo Marino (PhD), Sustainable Risk Management Model to Conduct the Transition of Alberta’s Energy Development into Renewables

Negar Badri (PhD), An Integrated Cradle-to-Cradle Energy Environmental Analysis of a BIPV Skin in Cold Climate  

Marwa Hannouf (PhD), A Framework for Triple Bottom Line Decision-Analysis Using Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment: the Case of Large Greenhouse Gas Emitters in Alberta, Canada


5:00pm - 6:00pm Session 4: HOUSING + PECHA KUCHAS

Luisa Felix Dalla Vecchia (PhD), Mass Customization for Social Housing in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities

Hannah Allawi (PhD), Blast from the Past: Reviving the Nickle Arts Museum            

Susan Lagore (PhD), Photovoice in urban phenomenological research


6:00pm - 6:30pm RECEPTION



Penny Gurstein,

Professor and Director, School of Community & Regional Planning and Centre for Human Settlements University of British Columbia       

Inclusive Planning Through Community-Based Research


Organizing Committee

  • Dr. David Monteyne
  • Hannah Allawi
  • Luisa Felix Dalla Vecchia
  • Marwa Hannouf
  • Chi Dara
  • Kulsum Fatima
  • Brodie Yyelland
  • Ykje Piera
  • Veronica Briseno Castrejon
  • Lorans Alabood
  • Chika Daniels-Akunekwe
  • Ana Karinna Hidalgo
  • Viraji Bandara
  • Vita Leung
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