Call for Proposals – International multidisciplinary landscape architecture competition for the design of Place des Montréalaises

The Ville de Montréal has just launched an international multidisciplinary landscape architecture competition for the design of Place des Montréalaises, and we thought you might want to share the news with the members of the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects.

The City is seeking to source the most innovative and creative design ideas for the permanent construction of this new public place, including a pedestrian overpass, to be built in the area around Champ-de-Mars métro station. Place des Montréalaises is part of the wider Champ-de-Mars Sector Project, the objective of which is to restore ties between the historic city and its former faubourgs, and to enhance the high-quality network of public spaces between Square Victoria and Square Viger.

The competition is international in scope and will be held in two stages: Stage 1 consists of anonymous proposals, while in Stage 2, a maximum of five jury-selected finalists will submit service offerings, for which they will be compensated.

Some numbers from the competition budget:

  • $86,975, plus taxes: lump-sum payment to a maximum of five finalists to expand on their proposals
  • $5,790,000, plus taxes: maximum amount to be paid to the winner in professional service fees
  • $34,080,000, plus taxes: construction budget for the public place and the new pedestrian overpass

To learn more: 

Deadline: September 26, 2017, noon EDT

We invite you, if you wish, to share this call for proposals with your members and colleagues. You can do so via your usual communications tools (e.g., e-mail or print newsletter, website) and/or by sharing the news posted to the Bureau du design of the Ville de Montréal’s social media accounts: and

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