CLARB Task Analysis Survey Results & L.A.R.E. Updates

CLARB wishes to thank all who participated in the Task Analysis survey earlier this year. Because of your time, effort and support, CLARB saw a nearly 40% increase in participation over the last survey conducted in 2010.

With the goal of better understanding the global practice of landscape architecture, CLARB’s Task Analysis was conducted across the world for the first time. An executive summary of the survey findings, with responses from over 7,000 professionals, show the worldwide commonalities among landscape architects regarding education, location, experience and task frequency.

Within North America, the Task Analysis ensures the content of the Landscape Architect Registration Examination (L.A.R.E) remains legally defensible and relevant, and is used to defend the legal scope of practice. The survey determines the tasks that are performed most often, are most important and subsequently instill the knowledge required at the initial point of licensure; thus, form the basis of the L.A.R.E.

Beginning with the April 2017 L.A.R.E. administration, the exam blueprint will be updated to provide greater detail within each section and align the exam with current practice.

The updates to the L.A.R.E. that will go into effect in April 2017 will have no impact on candidates who have already successfully completed sections of the exam. All exam sections, through the December 2016 administration, will remain equivalent to the exam sections that will be administered in April 2017.

CLARB strives to ensure the L.A.R.E. remains legally defensible, relevant and accurately reflects current practice. For additional information on the Task Analysis results, L.A.R.E. updates or any other program CLARB offers, please contact CLARB at

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