AALA call for volunteers - Professional Governance Act (PGA) Task Force

AALA call for volunteers - Professional Governance Act (PGA) Task Force

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Dear AALA Members,
This is your chance to contribute to the AALA and make a difference to the landscape architecture profession at perhaps one of the most critical times in the history of both. Volunteers are needed, as a
self-governing profession, to safeguard Albertans’ health, safety and economic interests by providing a more consistent and efficient framework to manage functions like governance, registration and professional conduct.
In 2020, the Government of Alberta (GOA) began a review of professional legislation with a goal of consolidating and streamlining professional legislation (9 Acts and 28 regulations) into one umbrella Act. Bill 23: Professional Governance Act (PGA) was introduced in May 2022 and died on the order paper.
AALA Representatives, along with Representatives from other impacted organizations, have participated in stakeholder meetings with GOA to start the process of preparing for the implementation of the PGA.
The AALA Board has formed a Working Group of Board Members to:

  • Become thoroughly familiarized with the current state of the PGA. At this time, we do not anticipate significant changes to the previous PGA Bill. AALA Members are encouraged to review Bill 23, please see link.
  • Participate in engagement sessions with GOA.
  • Identify what the AALA will need to do to be ready for likely proclamation in spring 2025.

We have a lot of work on the horizon over the next year, including drafting of bylaws (a template will be provided by GOA mid-year) and governing documents for GOA review in fall 2024. The Board will seek external advisory services to support the transition and future AALA. However, effort by volunteers will be crucial to limit financial impacts to AALA.
The Board is seeking volunteers to participate in the AALA PGA Task Force. As a starting point, Members of the Task Force will need to review the PGA (224 pages). The Task Force will likely work and liaise with other AALA Committees and Working Groups to support an overall well-rounded AALA approach to the PGA transition. British Columbia Society of Landscape Architects (BCSLA) is ahead in their PGA transition and required hundreds of hours of work by volunteers and staff to date.
The time commitment is difficult to gauge, at this time we are seeking interested members and an indication of capacity to support. Please send your notice of interest and capacity (approximate hours per month) to aala@aala.ab.ca and president@aala.ab.ca by noon MST Wednesday February 29, 2024.
The Board encourages all members to consider volunteering, volunteers are needed and welcome. As landscape architecture professionals, our incredibly diverse skill set puts us in good stead to tackle the opportunity in hand. Please contact aala@aala.ab.ca and president@aala.ab.ca if you have any questions or need more information.
AALA President

Additional information:
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