Write ON 2020: rooted

Write ON 2020: Rooted 

A themed writing workshop about togetherness in the Built Environment 

Calgary, AB. April 20, 2020 - The root systems of healthy trees, through underground mycorrhizal networks, are known to feed and strengthen weaker neighbouring trees. This new dimension of being “rooted” implies not simply individual strength, but the essential role of support networks. 

Write ON 2020 is an opportunity to take the time to develop the capacities to articulate the meaningful in our urban environment. The annual program is open to professional and aspiring writers: artists and architects, as well as those with backgrounds in film, digital media, design, theatre, public art, planning, urbanism, anthropology and geography. All are invited to explore a contemporary means of expressing visual form. 

In a time of unprecedented change, where is the way forward? 

What openings can we find to make up for lost time in seeking to re-connect with the land? What memories or histories can we draw from in order to remake our support networks even more open and caring? And finally, what might creative process offer? 

Write ON 2020 is about words.
It’s about explorative, provocative thinking. 

    “[T]he workshop gave me the needed information and confidence to start pursuing
 some opportunities and I hope to continue down this path.”   Caroline Loewen, Write On 2019


The call for applications is now open and can be found at dtalks.org/writeon2020Applications are accepted until June 5, 2020. 



Write ON is produced by d.talks, a Calgary-based non-profit focused on deepening the connections between people and place. This third annual Write ON workshop series is an attempt to strengthen opportunities for artists, architects, and those interested in the design of cities to engage critical discourse. The theme “rooted” is a response to contemporary issues in daily urban life.

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