Announcement: Environmental Approvals System OneStop, Water Act Approvals Pilot Project, Phase 3 Launch January 18, 2019

The Water Act Approvals Pilot Project Team of Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) is pleased to announce the Phase 3 launch of the Water Act Approvals Pilot Project in the Environmental Approvals System (EAS) OneStop.


Effective January 18, 2019, the Water Act Approvals Pilot Project will be fully implemented. All Water Act approval applications and amendment applications will now be submitted and administered in EAS OneStop.


This marks a significant change from the conventional application process to a new, online system for the administration of Water Act approvals, approval amendments, and Code of Practice (CoP) notices.


The staggered approach to launching Water Act approvals, approval amendments, and CoP notices in EAS OneStop was phased as follows:




Application Type

November 30, 2018

All Applicants

All Regions 

Code of Practice notices


January 18, 2019

All Applicants

All Regions

Approval applications

Approval amendment applications

NOTE: Applications for water use licences and temporary diversion licences under the Water Act are not currently part of this change. Water Act licences and temporary diversion licences will continue to be submitted and reviewed through the conventional application process until further notice.

What is the Environmental Approvals System (EAS) OneStop?

EAS OneStop is a web-based, risk based, data driven system that provides clear direction about information required for applications. It streamlines application requirements and communications, increases the transparency and consistency of the application review process, and removes several internal steps resulting in reduced application processing times. The Water Act Approvals Pilot Project is the first phase in transforming our regulatory approach towards a one-window, integrated approvals process through our ongoing efforts to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of service to Albertans.

Who is impacted by this project?

Any person or company planning to undertake an activity that may affect the land or vegetation under or around a water body, or may affect the location, flow, or quality of the water or aquatic environment, requires prior authorization and must submit a Water Act application or notice to Alberta Environment and Parks (or to the Alberta Energy Regulator in accordance with the Responsible Energy Development Act).

How can I prepare for this change?

Training is being offered to assist applicants with this change. Online and in-person training sessions are scheduled over the coming weeks to give you an overview of the EAS OneStop system, application instructions, and hands on experience in EAS OneStop with test applications. Please visit the Eventbrite website for details and to register for upcoming training sessions:

What reference material is available to help with submitting applications and notices in EAS OneStop?

A number of quick reference guides (QRGs) have been developed to assist with submitting Water Act applications and notices as follows:

  • General application
  • Import spatial data
  • Excavation application
  • Drainage application
  • Wetlands application
  • Flood Control application
  • Dam application
  • Amendment application
  • Code of Practice notice


A new webpage has been created to communicate new information, reference material, and training opportunities. The new webpage can be accessed directly and from the AEP website:

Can I submit my application or notice through the Regulatory Approvals Centre after the EAS OneStop launch dates?

The Regulatory Approvals Centre stopped accepting notices November 30, 2018. And, applications will no longer be accepted on January 18, 2019. Effective November 30, 2018 and January 18, 2019, respectively, Water Act notices and applications must be submitted through EAS OneStop.

Can I withdraw my pending application and resubmit it in EAS OneStop?

If you have recently submitted an application and are considering submitting it in EAS OneStop, please contact your regional district office to be advised. While resubmitting in EAS OneStop does not guarantee a faster approval time, there may be efficiencies gained by ensuring an accurate and complete application submission using the new system.

What do I need in order to access EAS OneStop?

All users of EAS OneStop submitting applications or notices require either a My Alberta Digital ID (MADI) or a My Alberta Digital ID for Business (MADI-B) account. Individuals submitting an application or notice require a MADI account. If an application or notice is being submitted by or on behalf of a business or organization, a MADI-B account is required. Once your MADI or MADI-B account has been obtained, you must log in to EAS OneStop at least once to activate your MADI or MADI-B account. This is required before an application or notice can be submitted or before a representative can be assigned to submit on your behalf.

Are MADI and MADI-B accounts linked?

The My Alberta Digital ID (MADI) and My Alberta Digital ID for Business (MADI-B) are independent and not linked to each other. You do not require a MADI account to obtain a MADI-B account.

How do we structure the MADI-B account?

MADI-B is flexible in regards to how organizations and companies set up their account. However, we recommend that each organization or company create a single account with one administrator. The administrator can invite and manage employees of that company or organization. The one disadvantage to this approach is that only an administrator can add or remove employees so the administrator will need to be available to make changes.

How do I assign a consultant to manage my application or notice in EAS OneStop?

Once the MADI or MADI-B account has been set up, the individual or organization logs in to EAS OneStop and can assign companies or individuals as their representatives using either the representatives MADI-B or MADI account name respectively.

Where do I access EAS OneStop to submit an application or notice?

The EAS OneStop application site can be accessed from the webpage links provided above or directly at:


Are there any changes to the Public Lands Act application process if my Water Act activity impacts public land?

There will be no changes to the Public Lands Act application process at this time.

Need more information or assistance?

Please refer to the AEP website above for updates to relevant information, reference material, and training opportunities to assist you with this change.


For technical support with the EAS OneStop system please contact:


For assistance with the My Alberta Digital ID (MADI/MADI-B) login required for access to EAS OneStop, please contact or call 1-844-643-2789.


For non-technical support, please contact your regional/district Alberta Environment and Parks office.


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