Tige Procyshyn - Landscape Architectural Technologist

Works at Landscape Irrigation Solutions Ltd.
Years of experience: 29

Last updated: December, 2022

Career Journey




Career Milestone 1


Future Ambitions

NAIT - Landscape Architecture Program

Started LIS and haven't looked back. Involved many life-altering challenges and focusing on coming out stronger for them.

Want to continue to lead our firm in the mature phase, maintain existing clients and grow our clientele base

Question and Answers

After graduation, what was the first position you had? How did that shape where you are now as a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

It happened prior to graduation. I did a work week with a reputable firm in Saskatoon that showed me the depth of possible projects and the work ethic required to excel at the job.

What is something that surprised you at the start of your career? or What is something that surprises you about being a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

It was usually much easier than the all nighters we had to pull at school but both were worthy tasks

What are some of your roles and responsibilities?

Leading an industry-leading design firm and keeping up to date on new innovations to better server our clientele

What skills do you feel are important to have as a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

Be fast and accurate and take feedback to heart

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