Scott Fediow - Landscape Architectural Technologist

Works at City of Airdrie
Years of experience: 26

Last updated: November, 2022

Career Journey




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Future Ambitions

NAIT Landscape Architectural Technologies

Greater Gardens Inc. - Design Manger

UMA/AECOM - Intermediate/Senior Landscape Architectural Technologist

City of Airdrie - Parks Development Technician, Capital Projects Project Manager (current)

Continue to enhance the City of Airdrie providing the best place for our residents to live/work and enjoy our green spaces, pathways and parks.

Question and Answers

What is something that surprised you at the start of your career? or What is something that surprises you about being a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

Not realizing how vast the opportunities and experiences were with the growth potential to expand on what I studied at NAIT.

What are some of your roles and responsibilities?

Project Manage capital projects, Review and approval of park concepts and detailed landscape plans, Prepare project budgets and schedules, Assist Planning & Engineering Departments with development issues, Review and award tenders for City capital projects, Management of capital budget allocations, approvals and costing, Liaison with Council, Directors, Managers and Team Leaders

What skills do you feel are important to have as a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

Being flexible to new opportunities and open to working on projects a little out of your skill level, it’s scary but helps the growth and learning. Honesty...own up to your mistakes as you can only learn from them.

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have been a part of.

Pony Truss Pedestrian Bridge, pathway and MR...this 1928 heritage bridge was declared a historical land mark for Airdrie that was refurbished with a linear MR creating a much needed connection over Nose Creek. City of Airdrie Transit Storage and Maintenance Facility...this over $21 Million Dollar capital project houses our transit system with room for future expansion of our current fleet.

What advice would you give a new Landscape Architectural Technologist?

Never be too afraid of trying something new, yes it will be scary but the knowledge you get from it will far outweigh the fear of not trying or expanding your skill set.

What are your future goals?

To keep expanding my knowledge base and pushing myself to be the best i can while providing a great community for all Airdrie residents.

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