Jennifer Jones - Landscape Architect

Works at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Years of experience: 16

Last updated: May, 2023

Career Journey



2005-2006: EIDOS Consultants

Career Milestone 1

2010-2016: Urban Systems

Career Milestone 2

2016- Present: NAIT LAT Program

Career Milestone 3


Future Ambitions

2005- Graduate of NAIT Landscape Architectural Technology Program
2008- Graduate of University of Idaho Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Program
- Teaching Assistant

So proud and grateful to say I started this whole thing at EIDOS as a technologist. Here, I learned how to be a working professional from other great practitioners. This was invaluable as a foundational step to my career.

Thank you to everyone at EIDOS!

Here, I was lucky enough to work with seasoned professionals in landscape architecture, planning, GIS and civil, transportation and environmental engineering. Urban Systems was where I honed my leadership skills through collaboration and public engagement sessions.

I was an instructor for three years and have now been program chair four years. The two best parts about my job:
1) Working with my two good friends, Michael and Naveed.
2) Seeing graduates make their mark on the world. It is like knowing a celebrity before they get famous.

I will be pursuing a MSc in Urban and Regional Planning in 2023-2024. It's been a minute since I was a student, but I am really excited to have that shared experience with my students and to bring planning knowledge back to the LAT program as we prepare for the future.

Question and Answers

What is something that surprised you at the start of your career? or What is something that surprises you about being a Landscape Architect?

What has surprised me is that you never really figure it out. As a junior practitioner, I naively thought there would be a time in my career that I would just know everything! That is so not true. Instead, you just keep asking different questions and keep finding different ways to do things. That feeling of being a junior practitioner never really goes away (at least not for me). You get comfortable in certain areas, but there are still things that will push you away from your strengths. This is when you have the opportunity to be humble, to grow and to learn from others. Getting through this discomfort is also what will become your greatest accomplishments. Embrace it!

What are some of your roles and responsibilities?

As chair of the landscape architectural technology program, I am responsible for providing leadership to staff and students about the vision of the program as it relates to the needs of industry. In many ways, I still act as an engagement consultant- trying to get the best out of everyone involved in the program while maintaining our required standards. I also work on industry relationships and try to build opportunities for the students to develop community with each other and members of the AALA. I also do a lot of paperwork (bleh).

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day would be a mix of classroom hours and administrative duties. We are currently providing a mix of online and campus delivery, so I split my time at home and at NAIT. I attend various administrative meetings, provide academic support to students and complete internal documents related to program operations. During the day, I may also be develop course content, mark assignments or plan field trips.

What skills do you feel are important to have as a Landscape Architect?

I have found that communication skills are the foundation of my career. In my particular role, it is important to have exemplary oral and written capabilities. This enables me to communicate in a variety of ways, whether it is lobbying for program initiatives through written reports or public speaking to a class of 32 every day.

What are you passionate about as a Landscape Architect?

My passion in landscape architecture has always been its social benefits. I have always been drawn to people and their experience of the world around them. I am fascinated by how our designed world can affect the lives and behavior of people. It makes me feel a great sense of responsibility and awe.

Tell us about some of the exciting projects you have been a part of.

I worked with many small municipalities around Alberta to help them develop wayfinding, interpretive programming and community identities. In my practitioner days, I was very proud of the relationship I built with the administration at the Town of Hinton. This is where I worked on many community projects- interpretive plans, trail mapping and community signage.

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