Graym Wood - Landscape Architectural Technologist

Years of experience: 4

Last updated: January, 2023

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Future Ambitions

Bachelor of Science, Landscape Architecture - University of Idaho
Landscape Architectural Technologist - NAIT

NAK Design Strategies


To continue to progress in my career and never stop learning.

Question and Answers

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day can vary greatly depending on how my skills are needed, the time of year, and the projects that are active. The variety is one of the great parts of the career!

What skills do you feel are important to have as a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

An eye for detail, the ability to look at things from many perspectives, and a desire to keep learning new skills and ideas.

What advice would you give a new Landscape Architectural Technologist?

Keep your mind open, and explore as many opportunities as you can.

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