Avery Armstrong - Landscape Architectural Technologist

Works at WSP Canada Inc. (Edmonton)
Years of experience: 6

Last updated: April, 2024

Career Journey




Career Milestone 1


Career Milestone 2


Career Milestone 3


Future Ambitions

NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)
Landscape Architecture Technology

Gardener’s Assistant
Planting and Plant Bed Design for Downtown Civic Center
Maintenance of Parks (Sanitation, Weeding, Plant Bed Maintenance)

Drafting 3D virtual model for residential design
Client meetings and consultations
One-on-one plant and greenhouse consultations
Graphic design and marketing
Health and Safety Rep
Commercial bidding

Designing, bidding and selling landscaping projects
Working within a team to ensure projects are built to design
Managing customer relationships, including billing and payment
Actively prospecting and creating a referral base

Collaborating with WSP’s other multidisciplinary teams on a wide range of project types;
Maybe work towards becoming an LA (maybe)

Question and Answers

What is something that surprised you at the start of your career? or What is something that surprises you about being a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

Well I guess one of the most surprising thing is how little people know about the field of landscape architecture! I barely knew about the field until I was in it, although I have always appreciated the work of Landscape Designers and Architects without even knowing about the profession. At NAIT, we had an advocacy class to spread awareness of the field, and I feel that I keep that up that advocacy all the time with the amount of times I have had to explain what I do for my job!

What skills do you feel are important to have as a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

I think it is important to have your range of technical skills, like in software, field work, and in construction codes. But it is also great to have those soft skills like problem solving, passion for the work, and good social skills. I think it is important for an LAT to have an open mind, a willingness to learn and a good attitude.

What are you passionate about as a Landscape Architectural Technologist?

I am passionate about learning more about sustainable and accessible designs. I’d love to know about how to create places that are accessible and open to all types of people. I’d also like to learn about creating eco-friendly and natural designs, and how to incorporate more sustainable practices in my work. I am particularly passionate about bees and other pollinators, so I love being able to think about them while designing.

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