Board of Directors Job Descriptions and Policies

Job Descriptions


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  • President is the chief executive officer and a voting member of the Board of Directors serving a one-year term. The President establishes the mandate for the year and provides direction for the Board of Directors. 
  • Past President is an experienced advisor to the Board of Directors and has a vote on the Board of Directors. The Past President serves for one year and often undertakes special projects on behalf of the Association.
  • President Elect succeeds to the Presidency upon completion of the President’s term of office at the subsequent Annual Meeting. The President-Elect has a vote on the Board of Directors and is also responsible for the Newsletter.
  • Secretary maintains the smooth flow of information within the Association and ensuring timely execution of Association business.
  • Treasurer holds a two-year term as a voting member of the Board and carries with it the responsibility of keeping the Association in good financial condition. The Treasurer is required to work closely with the President and Secretary in keeping records up-to-date. Prerequisites for this position should include some understanding of bookkeeping, budgeting and commercial dealings with banks.
  • Member at Large may be an Associate or Full Member of the Association.
  • Northern & Southern Directors ensure balance and continuity of Association programs in both Edmonton and Calgary, one director should be elected from each city for a two year term on alternating years.
  • CSLA Representative acts as the conduit for the exchange of information between the CSLA and the AALA.
  • Landscape Architectural Technologist represents a voting position on the Board of Directors of the AALA for a two-year term. This individual is responsible for communicating to and from the Board, the Committee Chairs, Landscape Architectural Technology students, and the General Membership, through reports to the Board and the Newsletter.
  • Public Member is appointed by the Government of Alberta to represent the Public interest.

Board Policies

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