AALA Awards & Scholarships

Annual awards are presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Association by the President of the AALA.

Award recipients may be full, associate, landscape technologist or honorary members of the AALA.

Award recipients are selected by majority vote by the AALA Board of Directors.

At their discretion, the AALA Board of Directors may request/accept the membership to nominate award recipients.


Wild Rose Award

Wild Rose Award Nomination Form

The achievements accomplished by the recipients of the Wild Rose Award include significant service contributions to the Association and/or outstanding contributions to the profession of landscape architecture in Alberta. The Wild Rose Award will be considered on an annual basis and serves to celebrate our Alberta membership who have inspired and set admirable examples of the Profession for all members in the past, present and for years to come.

Past Recipients

  • Ted Muller, 2019
  • Mark Nolan, 2018
  • Carol Craig, 2017
  • Garth Balls, 2010
  • Ron Middleton, 2008
  • John Buchko, 2007
  • Bob Gibbs, 2006
  • Otto Hammer, 2005
  • Lynne Herzog, 2004
  • Cathy Sears, 2003
  • David Brown, 2003
  • Pat Butler, 2003
  • Hugh Knowles, 2003
  • Jim Laidlaw, 2003


Life Member

(Replaces the Emeritus Member)

Life Member Nomination Form

An AALA Life Member is a member of the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects who has made outstanding contributions to the profession of Landscape Architecture.

Board may designate outstanding Members as “[Life] Members” of the Association, with special privileges including a waiver from annual fees, subject to maintaining exemplary conduct and the following criteria: the Member has been a Member in good standing of AALA for twenty-five (25) years or, the Member has been engaged in the full-time practice of landscape architecture for twenty-five (25) years.”.

Past Recipients

  • David Spencer, 2019
  • Frank Gasparik, 2018
  • Ronald Middleton, 2018
  • Leonard Novak, 2014



CSLA Awards

The CSLA recognizes excellence in all aspects of the profession through its honours and awards programs which also promote awareness of landscape architecture as a profession professionally, academically, in communities, and to acknowledge the work of its members within the profession.

For a complete list of CSLA Awards visit the CSLA website.

College of Fellows

Fellows of the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects are those who have been members for at least 12 years and are recognized by their peers as having made an outstanding contribution to the profession through excellence in one or more of the following:

  • Executed Works
  • Administrative professional work in public agencies
  • Professional university instruction
  • Professional writing
  • Service to the community or the public
  • Direct service to the CSLA

Fellows of the CSLA have taken a leadership role in many professional activities and organizations that advance the cause of the profession of landscape architecture. They serve as an informal advisory group to the component association board, contributing their insights and experience. These are just a few of the important contributions CSLA’s Fellows make to strengthen the profession in Canada. Please visit the CSLA website more information on nominating a candidate to the College of Fellows.

The following AALA members have been inducted to the CSLA College of Fellows:

  • 2019 - David Spencer
    2019 - Lucie St-Pierre
  • 2018 - Tim McCulloch
  • 2016 - Douglas Olson
  • 2016 - Nancy Pollock-Ellwand
  • 2014 - Robert Evans
  • 2013 - Ted Muller
  • 2012 – Carol Craig
  • 2011 – Penny Dunford
  • 2010 – Cathy Sears
  • 2010 - Victor Kallos
  • 2010 - Doug Carlyle
  • 2010 - David Brown
  • 2008 – Sara-Jane Gruetzner
  • 2006 – Brian Baker
  • 2006 - Patrick Butler
  • 2006 - Beverly A. Sandalack
  • 2005 – Garth Balls
  • 2003 – John B. Hillier
  • 2003 - Andre Schwabenbauer
  • 2000 – Robert A. Gibbs
  • 1999 – Ronald J. Middleton
  • 1997 – Garry Carson
  • 1992 – Donald B. Barron
  • 1992 - Marie Kipen
  • 1991 – Lawrence R. Paterson
  • 1986 – Leonard L. Novak
  • 1984 – R. Hugh Knowles
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