Adaptation Resilience Training - Free Climate Change Training Event

September 6, 2021 - September 16, 2021
Virtual Event via Zoom

Climate change is being felt across Canada and here in Alberta.  Warmer weather, more precipitation falling as rain, and changing extremes, among others, are having varying environmental, economic, and social effects.  So, what exactly is climate change? What does it look like in Alberta? How will the changing climate impact your work?

To address these questions, the Adaptation Resilience Training (ART) program has developed an Alberta-focused set of introductory courses that will be delivered online from September 7 to 16, 2021 at no cost. The Training is meant for professionals in watershed management, infrastructure, agriculture, and community planning.  If you are a professional working in one of these practice areas and you want to learn about how climate change may impact your work and what you can do about it, this training is for you. You do not need to know anything about climate change to take the training.  It will develop a basic awareness of climate change adaptation and build your capacity to integrate adaptation into your professional practice.

The courses include five pre-requisite foundational modules, followed by four additional modules that are relevant to the practice areas. The five foundational modules are based on the following core topics:

  • Climate science
  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Management
  • Economics
  • Communication

These courses will build a foundation of climate change literacy that informs, guides, and support discussions and decision making.  Alberta-based examples will be used to illustrate the concepts and demonstrate what is happening locally.

The practice area modules will build on the foundational knowledge gained in the pre-requisite modules by exploring how the core topics  apply to: 

  • Watershed Management
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Community Planning

Participants will gain a better understanding of how climate change is impacting their field of practice what is being done to adapt and build resilience. There will be opportunities to ask questions, provide feedback and engage with the subject matter experts during these sessions.    

The ART program is co-funded by Alberta Environment and Parks, and Natural Resources Canada. In collaboration with the Government of Alberta, Associated Engineering has worked with professionals from over 30 municipalities, post-secondary organizations, professional associations, not-for-profits, businesses and industry groups that have volunteered their time to help develop the training.

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